Atticus helps organisations step-change their Corporate Responsibility strategy.

We transform Corporate Responsibility from a tactical tick-box exercise to a key driver of business performance and social value.

We help companies identify how they can positively impact the people directly and indirectly affected by their business operation and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

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Our Services

Corporate Responsibility Strategy Development

Confirming the business' current position, it's sustainability ambitions and the optimal strategy to achieve these aims.

Key outputs:

  • Alignment of the key stakeholders around the need for a Corporate Responsibility strategy.
  • Clearly defined objectives for the Corporate Responsibility strategy outlining what success looks like.
  • Prioritisation of the environmental, social and governance factors that are materially important to the business and against which the organisation can have the greatest impact.
  • Confirmation of the relevant targets for each priority area
  • Identification of key environmental, social and governance initiatives and actions to deliver the objectives.



Implementation of the Corporate Responsibility strategy

Key outputs:

  • Implementation of key environmental, social and governance initiatives
  • Development of relevant policies and practices including Diversity and Inclusion, Ethical Leadership, Health and Wellbeing programmes.
  • Brokering partnerships with relevant partners e.g. NGOs to work collaboratively to achieve aims.

Measure, Report and Build

Measuring and reporting on progress against the Corporate Responsibility objectives.

Key outputs:

  • Development of annual Sustainability Reports to communicate the organisation’s commitments and actions.
  • Measurement of progress against objectives
  • Ongoing strategy development to reflect progress made and innovate against new challenges.

B Corp Consultancy

Guiding companies through the process to become a B Corp accreditation

Key outputs:

  • Developing company wide understanding of the benefits of B Corp status and engagement with process as a tool for improvement.
  • Working through B Impact Assessment, and individual requirements of B Corp certification process.
  • Developing a roadmap to certification and implementation project management.