Atticus helps organisations step-change their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Through our expertise in Social Responsibility and our extensive commercial experience in HR, marketing and strategy development, we work with clients to transform unaligned Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives from a tactical tick-box exercise to a key driver of business performance and social value.

"Atticus step-changed our approach to Social Responsibility. They brought expertise, credibility and connections we don't have in-house and delivered a solution that inspired both the leaders of the business and the wider employee team."

Atticus are experts in Social Responsibility strategy


Our Services

Social Responsibility Strategy Consultancy and Training

Development of a Social Responsibility strategy identifying how your business can deploy its assets to deliver a positive impact on society and engage with increasingly socially-conscious clients, employees and investors.

Key outputs:

  • Alignment of the key stakeholders around the need for a Social Responsibility strategy.
  • Articulation of the role your business can play in making society a better place with identification of the societal challenges you are best placed to help address.
  • Clearly defined objectives for the Social Responsibility strategy outlining what success looks like.
  • An action-orientated Social Responsibility framework of initiatives covering all areas of business.
  • Training workshops to help businesses to develop their own Social Responsibility strategy.


Social Responsibility Strategy Implementation and Reporting

Implementation of the Social Responsibility strategy including brokering partnerships with relevant NGO partners.

Key outputs:

  • Setting up and implementing external and internal Social Responsibility initiatives.
  • Brokering partnerships with relevant NGO partners to develop joint initiatives.
  • Social Responsibility reporting outlining the social outcomes affected.

B Corp Accreditation

Consultancy with a B Leader to guide businesses through the process of becoming a B Corp.

Key outputs:

  • Developing company wide understanding of the benefits of B Corp status and engagement with process as a tool for improvement.
  • Working through B Impact Assessment, and individual requirements of B Corp certification process.
  • Developing a roadmap to certification and implementation project management.

Ethical People Practices

Development of Progressive and Ethical People Practices to ensure your internal policies reflect your Social Impact Vision

Key outputs:

  • Comprehensive Ethical HR policies and practices in place to ensure your business is engaging with increasingly socially-conscious employees and reflects  its social impact vision internally.
  • Board alignment about what “good” Leadership is in today’s world.
  • Diversity & Inclusion strategy and bespoke implementation plan.
  • Gender Pay Gap strategy and implementation plan.
  • Wellbeing practices review and development.